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Mossy Stone Farms is a small "beyond" organic farm located in the beautiful northern Catskills, New York State. We are a no spray & no-till market garden. We don't use herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or synthetic pesticides that are both harmful to the environment as well as human health. Instead, we use copious amounts of organically produced compost, and in some cases beneficial cover crops.

We also don't use tractors. We cultivate our 30 inch grow beds by hand, or by using small, non-biologically destructive techniques (practices that leave the soil biome undisturbed) like broad forking in the spring.

You can find our vegetables, mushrooms and flowers at the Windham Farmer's Market and local restaurants. We also run a small CSA. We follow Permacultural practices.


We're also associate with the Northern Catskills Permaculture Community Hub.


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