What exactly is a "CSA"?


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), is a program by which you, the consumer, purchases a "share" in our yearly harvest (paying the full cost before the season starts), and in return get a weekly bag of that harvest. Basically, every week you get a bag of fresh, organic vegetables grown right here on our farm. CSAs facilitate intimate connections between farmers and the surrounding community, for the benefit of both. It's a way to know exactly where your food comes from, and who grows it, and how it's grown. 


What kind of vegetables should I expect in my bag?


Since a CSA is technically a "share" of whatever we grow, theoretically you'll get whatever we grow. In reality we promise our members between 5 and 7 items (at the height of the season), which generally includes a root vegetable (carrot, turnip, beet, radish, etc), a green (spinach, swiss chard, collard greens, kale, etc), salad (baby mixed greens, or head lettuce), allium (onion, garlic, scallion, leek, etc) and many other produce mixed in. 


Do you grow everything included in the bag?


Mostly. There are times when we may lack certain goodies that you've come to expect, or our harvest has been difficult that particular week. If this happens to be the case, we may source items from other local, organic farms. We'll let you know what's been added, and from where. Also, we have several growing "plots" over in West Kill at Newton Farms (mostly winter squash and brassicas).


Where and when will I pick up my share?


Share bags can be picked up either at the farm, or Saturday mornings between 9 and 1 at our market table at the Windham Farmer's Market on Main Street. At the farm you can stop by anytime between 8am and 6pm, Saturday OR Sunday. 


When does it start, and how long does it last?


The share season begins as soon as we have a reasonable amount of produce, but no later than the first week in June, lasting through October. We hope to have enough produce to begin a bit earlier this year, so keep an eye out for an announcement. 


What if I can't pick up my share this week?


We ask that if you're going miss the week you make arrangements for a friend to pick up your share and let us know in advance, otherwise you forfeit most of your bag for that week. If there are items in your bag that can last the week in our cold-room, we'll add them to your next share. 


Can I tour the farm while I pick up my share?


Absolutely! Feel free to wander our gardens (don't step on the grow beds!), peruse our terraced rice paddies, or take a long hike through our path maintained woods. 


Are you accepting kitchen waste for your compost? 


You bet we are. Drop off your vegetable scraps (no meat or plastic please) and we'll turn it into next years compost. Just look for the signs directing where to go. 


How much is it? 


This year we have only one share size, which is $525 dollars for the entire season. We accept payment plans as well. Just email us and we'll work out details. 


How do I pay?


We prefer cash and checks! But also accept venmo. Please see the CSA Sign Up page for more information. 


What do you use the money for exactly?


We use the funds from our CSA program to catch up on those farm expenses that hit us particularly hard in the winter and spring, since we're as far as we can get from the revenue streams of last summer. Also, to cover the new year expenses like seeds and cover crops, organic compost and soil amendments, farm implements (another fancy hand weeder!), row covers and netting (since we don't use pesticides or herbicides, we need all the help we can get), wood chips, etc. In addition, this year we may use the funds to buy a farm truck, a desperately needed vehicle that until now we've shockingly suffered without. 


Will you have eggs?


Sorry, no eggs yet.