Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a program by which you, the consumer, purchase "shares" of the harvest, ahead of the season, which allows the farmer to fund the upcoming growing season. Share holders receive a package of vegetables weekly (picked up at the farm every weekend, or at the local farmers market on Saturday morning).


A more detailed description can be found in our FAQ located HERE


CSA programs are a good way in which consumers can get to know the origin of their food, as well as those that work tirelessly in the fields and growbeds to harvest all those fresh organic vegetables.


As a shareholder in Mossy Stone Farm's harvest, you'll get an assortment of 6-8 of the veggies listed below, harvested fresh and within days of pickup.  Your CSA box will differ slightly in produce each week.


Some examples of what you'll receive include:    


•string beans          •cauliflower          •kolrabi          •garlic          •scallions        •onions          •squash          •beets            •kale          •tomatoes          •broccoli          •lettuce          •peppers          •cabbage          •cucumbers          •radishes          • microgreens.         •carrots          •spinach          and herbs!


(Sorry, no eggs this year)


Pay using the forms below (via paypal), or you can write us a check!


Please make checks payable to Mossy Stone Farms Inc and mail to:

4068 Route 10

Prattsville, NY 12468


And as always, you can stop by the farm in person and drop off your check or cash.



Standard share

Receive 6-8 items each week of fresh, organic vegetables.