Fall 2016 scenes

An early morning fog lifiting with the warmth of the sun's rays. This view looks north to the future perenial spot, and further to our future much anticipated orchard / food forest.

We've been building grow beds on a weekly basis. At the end of October we hope to have phase 1 completed, including about 26 growbeds, 30" wide, by between 40 and 50 feet long. Also a few Hugelkultur beds at around 80 feet long (for perenials like blueberries and our strawberry patch).


And covering 4 beds will be an unheated high tunnel. Currently we've sown mache, spinach, endive, bulls blood beets and carrots here, and will be harvesting those all fall and winter long.

"Emperor" spinach, going under a high tunnel.

These are Winecap / Garden Giants (Stropharia rugosoannulata) flowering in one of our 4 beds cultivated this past summer. Winecaps have a very mild taste, not as woody as portobellos, not as sharp as shiitake. But delicious and they can get pretty damn large.

Our Red Florence onions harvested and ready for drying. A sweet yet sharp onion, these were a big hit this year at the Lexington Farmer's Market.

Our lovely girls (one, eh, "guy". A rooster we discovered one morning as it woke us with a howl).

Since moving to the property a year and three months ago, we were smitten with the beautiful young woods, maple, ash, oak and pine trees, perhaps 30 years old or so. We've since then layed out paths with log perimeters, and filled in some spots with locally sourced woodchips. Our visitors rave about this magical feature since it makes it easy to walk on all those rough stones and tree roots.



And then in the fall, oh boy! Can't rave enough about the colors and shocking beauty.

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