Winter 2015-16 scenes

Winters out in nature or on a farm can be a bleak affair, especially at higher elevations and regions of the country in which the season is usually drastic. So far, however, that's not been the case. We've had a half dozen days this past January and February of 40 degree or warmer temperature, and the averages have been well above historic norms. The changing weather patterns as a result of climate change is one culprit, but we could still experience a crazy winter in the future as they did up here last year and the year before, where in some places the frost line moved down nearly six feet!



It's been a surprisingly mild winter. With the exception of one notable snow storm (6 inches if I recall), we've gotten only a few dustings here and there, invariably melting away a day or two later. This is in sharp contrast to last year, as we're told, which visited upon the area two weeks of negative 20 degree weather, and a snow pack that began before Thanksgiving, and lasted all winter.

One of our bird houses recently installed in an oak tree using zip ties to fasten it.

Our growbed before we realized to cover it for the winter. It's now properly mulched and covered with plastic to protect that soil.

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